Happy Emi

Do you know that smiles area contagious? A new study by analysts at Harvard College and the College of California, San Diego reports how satisfaction spreads through interpersonal groups. They found that when a someone feels upbeat, a companion living close by has a 25 percent higher possibility of getting to be HAPPY themselves too. A life partner encounters an 8 percent expanded chance of happiness and for nearby neighbors, it’s 34 percent. “smiles and positive communications that we have with other individuals are unquestionably infectious, as far as satisfaction,” says Nicholas Christakis, an educator at Harvard Therapeutic School and a creator of the study.

Yes, now it is very clear to us that our smiles are contagious!!

Smiling is one of the most simple things which can make everything feel a lot more happy in the world, so spread your smile of happiness to others as it translates into every language!! SMILE SMILE, & SMILE!!

I love my friends…all of you make me smile with your GREAT messages–Love you forever–Emi <3