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 ‘2 Week’s 1 Cause Shatters Social Media Records’

Hi Friends!!

I am very THANKFUL to each and every one of you for your support. Together we are making people around the globe see our effort to bring awareness for the cure, including several Breast Cancer research groups. Our combined outreach cannot be ignored. We ARE getting their attention and as an army that remains united in cause; NO one can defeat us!

My dear friend in Japan, Mr. Deguchi, introduced his wife to our mission. She so generously has offered to giveaway 10 Lily-K Scarves for 10 ladies battling the disease.

The scarves are known for their imaginative Parisian gestures of love and whimsy by the artist Lily-K. I think they can invoke conversation and just fun to see the unique designs on each one.

I have included a snippet of the Lily K. story below with a photo of the scarf.

Again, I thank ALL of you so VERY  much for your support!!

I love YOU!!

Emi For You

Born in 1987. Lily.K moved to the South of France with her family at the age of 4. She started to embrace art in Venice, a historic medieval walled village. Later on, she studied art at the University of Aix-en-Provence. She is currently spending her time in both Japan and France. The use of colors and her unique imagination acquired in her past and experience in southeastern France, makes Lily.K’s art quite unique.